1. Choose your subscription

We make it easy: Select a 12 month, 6 month or 3 month subscription option. Want to test the waters? Get our 1 month box, renewed monthly. Pssst, the 6 month option is our most popular subscription! Click here to explore the subscription options.

2. Get assessed by a professional

Once you subscribe, you will be asked to take a short assessment, answering questions on your emotional, physical, and personal health. Our licensed mental health counselor on staff will evaluate your results and identify your individual needs. Where else can you get personalized care straight from your home??

3. Created & curated personally for you

Each month our team creates a box specially made for you filled with PERSONALIZED items based on the results of your assessment, in addition to helpful tips on personal health written by our experts! We even offer the option of receiving spiritual encouragement as well!

4. Let someone FINALLY care for you

You do so much for others, and juggle so many responsibilities, that it's time for you to do something for you. Let us care for you! Click here to get the fun started!